Climate Controlled Storage

Climate Controlled


We have a variety of Climate Controlled sizes to meet your needs.


Our climate control rooms are kept between 55-79 degrees Fahrenheit.  Humidity is kept under 60%.


The units are located in a separate building that has central air and heat. Climate control protects against dust mites, mildew, rust, paper rot and degradation of wood items. Perfect for electronics, televisions, computers, appliances, paper products, photos, musical instruments & equipment, antiques & high-end furninture, bedding, clothing, leather, metals subject to rust, artwork, paintings & books.


About the size of an average walk-in closet. Great for students to store over the summer. Fits a couch, chair, chest of drawers matress and boxspring, plus smaller items. Works great for outdoor furniture and other seasonal items.


The size of a small bedroom. The standard furnishings of a one bedroom apartment with some appliances, plus various small items and boxes.


The size of a large bedroom. Furnishings from a two bedroom apartment or small house without appliances, plus cartons and small items.


Approx. the space of a small one-car garage. Furnishings from a two bedroom apartment or small house with appliances, plus cartons and small items.


Have room to spare and locate everything easily. This unit gives a small business owner all the convenience they need to store equipment, inventory, records—plus a work van or truck. Approx. the room of an extra long one-car garage. Holds all the furnishings from a 3-4 bedroom house. Or a car or truck, plus cartons and small items.